Move the tender leaves of your fingers
On the orchestra of life,
It will ring 'Raga Hindola',
Dart with the dash of a spring-fresh smile.
Life then would be a swing of pearls, a string of stars.

Don't let a pebble, a scrubble
Deflect on to the pot of elixir of your life.
Dreams would sink deep,
Distress would rise steep.

Dear One!
Life is a frail and a fragile flower,
A many-splendoured jewel,
A God's gift,
A snick-smile, a dimple.
Wear it with a cheer and a charm as a decor,
Life then would turn into a tender, tender creeper.

- A Tilak's poem rendered into English by me


It has been six years since Sister Nivedita has been started with SSC syllabus. It gives us pleasure to see the growth that this school has been making.

When I am asked what Sister Nivedita School is like, I use a single word to describe this remarkable school: 'Dedicated', so very apt and appropriate to its name.

True to its origins as a school based on the teachings of Sister Nivedita, the School believes that the basis of education is self-knowledge. Sister Nivedita's teaching that "Education is the training of the will" is as valid today as it was when Sister Nivedita has said it.

Students at Sister Nivedita School are not moulded, but rather their life gradually finds its shape like the sculpture that gradually comes to life as an artist slowly and painstakingly carves it out from a formerly shapeless block of marble.

Very appropriately Sister Nivedita School attracts bright and creative students who add to the rich educational program that the school offers. While more and more schools are becoming uni-dimentional, Sister Nivedita School insists that education should be a multifaceted, liberating experience, in which young ones learn by doing and discovering themselves.

I take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have reposed their confidence in the school and thank our teaching faculty and other supporting staff who have lived up to the expectations of the parents and made it a shining example of excellence.

Admissions are in progress for Classes I-X                                                                                                                                                  Admissions are in progress for Classes I-X
Welcome to Sister Nivedita School

From the desk of

Dr. V. Kondal Rao,

Chairman, Advisory Committee

At Sister Nivedita School, education is aimed at 'man making'. It's beyond syllabus and rote learning. For we acknowledge and nurture right balance by all means and motivations. It's the academic excellence, greater degree of personal care and attention that have enabled us to provide an enriching educational experience to all our students.

We scale the intellectual capabilities of our students to an extent that's comparable to exceptional educational institutions in India and across the world. As a responsible parent, if you are seeking a school which does not compromise educational and academic goals while emphasizing the all round development of the individual, you have chosen the right school.

As a school based on the foundations of Swami Vivekananda's spiritual teachings we do not confine to formal honing of students' intellect. We meticulously concentrate on the foundation upon which the educational process depends: the habits, behaviours, and influences which shape the students' skills to learn academically and excel in life personally.

A personal message to parents from

Dr. P. Sudhakar Rao,

Chairman, Managing Committee.

It's interesting to be with children - trying to find answers to their innocent questions, sharing their enthusiasm, quelling their fears that limit growth, helping them overcome their frustrations, striving to find the reasons behind their anxieties, feeling their joys, and rewarding them for all of their accomplishments.

At Sister Nivedita we take all care to nurture the blissful, attentive and disciplined environment in which our students can grow and mature. Although academic excellence is very important to us, we believe that a child's worth as a person is not to be measured just by marks and grades alone.

We seek to establish the development of character and a spirit of curiosity as the fundamental foundations for successful life. Therefore at every given opportunity, we encourage the students to accomplish the optimally unattainable and be best in every possible way.

We hope that each student will find here a sense of joy, a love for learning, a faculty to reason and develop the courage to question assumptions and plan their own path of progress in life, through education that embraces these values and gives deeper meaning to life. It makes the attainment of personal goals and achievements more definite, career advancement more feasible, and happiness more deep and lasting.

Management & Administration

Mrs. P. Rama Devi

Secretary & Correspondent

Honourable Members

Prof. I.V. Chalapati Rao

Dr. D. Nagabhushanam

Sri V. Agam Rao

Sri B.Rameshwar Rao

Sri M.H. Hari Prasad

Head Master

Sri T.G. Anjani Kumar

School Managing Committee : The School Managing Committee, with the help and guidance of professionals, educationists and industrialists in the society and the members of the Academic Committee is innovatively designing its curricular and co-curricular activities for a meaningful and socially relevant education.

Teaching Staff : The School has highly qualified and well experienced teaching staff, who employ the latest teaching & learning methodologies and strive hard to provide qualitative learner-centred instruction for the all round development of the students. The management is also committed to provide continuous orientation/training to the teachers to update their skills of teaching methodology.

Parent Teacher Meetings : Every second Saturday of each month is provided for parents to interact with teachers to know the performance of their wards. The progress card of students after each and every examination shall be issued only to the parents.