Admissions are in progress for Classes I-X                                                                                                                                                  Admissions are in progress for Classes I-X
Welcome to Sister Nivedita School

Application & Registration : Application forms will be issued by the School office in January/February every year for the classes where the seats are available, on payment of the prescribed fee.

The Registration fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted for any other purpose.

Particulars of age for admission are as follows :

Nursery - 2+
LKG - 3+
UKG - 4+
I class - 5+

The age is reckoned as on 30th June of the year.

For registration, a photostat copy of the birth certificate from one of the following, in support of the age of the child, shall be enclosed.

  • Certificate of birth issued by the Municipal Corporation or M.R.O.
  • T.C. with relevant entry of Date of Birth for admission into Class II and above.

In case of inter state transfer, student must produce the TC duly countersigned by the inspecting officer/DEO in respect of State syllabus schools and by the Regional Officer for CBSE schools.

The original certificate in support of the date of birth or T.C. shall however be submitted to the school compulsorily at the time of admission. Mere registration is no guarantee for admission.

Rules for Admission : Admission to different classes are made as per the policy decided by the management of the School from time to time, which may include written test and interview with students and parents. The date of written test and interview will be intimated in advance.

The decision of the admission committee shall be final and binding.

Withdrawals : Once admitted, withdrawal of the student will be permitted only after a clear calendar month�s notice or a month�s fee in lieu thereof, besides clearance of all the dues, other than regular fee, for issuing Transfer Certificate.

Applications for the Transfer Certificate relating to withdrawals for the next academic year must be submitted not later than 31st May. Applications received for such withdrawals after this date will attract the provisions of payment of all the usual fee or fee charged at the time of re-opening of the school, as the case may be.

The student�s name will be struck off the rolls on the following grounds without any notice.

  1. Indiscipline
  2. Unsatisfactory progress in studies
  3. Non-payment of fee
  4. Unauthorised absence from school for more than 15 days.

The management reserves the right for re-admission.

Discipline & Code of Conduct : Every student admitted to the school should keep the following code of conduct in mind.

  1. Pay due respect to teachers and elders whether in or outside the school campus. Stand up as a mark of respect when a teacher enters the class. Be attentive in the class and do his/her home assignment regularly and sincerely.
  2. Must not go out of the class/school during school hours without prior permission of the Principal. Complete discipline to be maintained during assembly. Silence should be observed on the way while going to and coming from the Assembly, PT classes, Library & Labs. Not to loiter in the corridors.
  3. Must not write, carve or scratch on the school walls and furniture, never tamper with the entries made in the progress reports and school diaries.
  4. Must develop the habit of punctuality and regularity. He/She should reach the school at least five minutes before the commencement of the Assembly.
  5. He/She must not abstain from the Unit Tests without obtaining prior permission from the Principal. He/She may apply for leave only when it is absolutely essential. He/She should submit the leave letter to the principal if he/she seeks leave or absence for more than three days.

Hostel Admission: Hostel facility is provided for the resident students. Well maintained mess serves nutritious and balanced diet to the growing children under hygienic conditions. There is a separate hostel for girls. Students will be supervised by efficient caretakers and counsellors.