Admissions are in progress for Classes I-IX.                                                                                                                                                  Admissions are in progress for Classes I-IX.
Welcome to Sister Nivedita School

Sister Nivedita School is an SSC syllabus school modeled in the modern spirit where the play-way teaching method has been adopted and where extra curricular activities and sports are taken seriously.

People frequently ask what makes Sister Nivedita School unique: We tell them three things: the rightly directed opportunities open to students to stretch themselves beyond the classroom, the strong sense of community established with staff and other students, and the distinctive values and morals that the school fosters. We have shown 100% results from the first batch itself.

Sister Nivedita School is exactly the right size and offers a value that other schools cannot - the chance to participate in a wide variety of opportunities. The School offers are designed in such a ways that students can be active in all facets of athletic, arts, social service, leadership and adventure programs.

There is a strong sense of caring that permeates the whole school. Not only our staff is composed of highly qualified individuals, they have proven time and again that they care very deeply about young ones. Students at Sister Nivedita School are respected as individuals and given every opportunity to develop strong habits of mind and character while living in an encouraging and enthralling environment.

  • To work and discover truth and to grow in knowledge of the universe
  • To learn to appreciate and participate in the creative arts where one can give expression to one's inner self and hidden potential
  • To play just as wholeheartedly as one works, while discovering the competitive angle of it, without forgetting that play is for recreation
  • To combat prejudices caused by differences in economic, political and religious backgrounds; to strive for a world outlook, putting oneself in others' places, no matter how far away
  • To wish to live adventurously though not recklessly, willing to take risks, if necessary, for moral growth, so that one definitely progresses along the long road of life

At Sister Nivedita School, we consider recruitment of good teachers as the first most important job. Good teachers also become role models for children and inspire a sense of confidence in the child. We fully understand that and also implement it.

Within a traditional, rigorous course of study prescribed by the SSC Board, our teachers understand that the success of any educational pursuit lies in the vigor and commitment that students bring to it. The teachers make a strong foundation for the students by preparing them for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, EAMCET right from the class VIII onwards. The ability to read effectively, clearly, and think independently is of greatest use when students challenge themselves, listen carefully to their classmates, test their own limits, and question their assumptions.

To accomplish these demanding tasks, Sister Nivedita has assembled a talented group of men and women who also happen to be gifted, devoted teachers.