Admissions are in progress for Classes I-X                                                                                                                                                  Admissions are in progress for Classes I-X
Welcome to Sister Nivedita School

Assembly : It is an interesting beginning of the day�s schedule starting with prayer followed by songs, quiz, music and informative speeches. On the whole, 10 minutes morning assembly creates a high sense of curiosity and motivates students for a better interaction and learning.

Uniform :

Boys :

Blackish Blue Shorts (Classes I to V)

Blackish Blue Trousers (Classes VI to X)

Red Small Checks Shirt (Half Sleeves)

Black leather shoes, Navy Blue Socks

Girls :

Blackish Blue Frock & Red Small Checks Shirt (Classes I -III)

Blackish Blue Skirts & Red Small Checks Shirt (Classes IV to VI)

Blackish Blue Long Skirts & red Small Checks Shirt (VII to X)

Identity cards are compulsory for all students from class I to X (for Boys & Girls).

On every Saturday, students of classes I to X wear white uniform, white shoes and white socks. Girls should have white ribbons.

Students should come to schools wearing neatly washed and ironed uniform. Their socks should be clean and shoes properly polished.

Timings, Terms & Vacation :

For Pre Primary Classes : Monday to Saturday - 9.00a.m to 4.00 p.m/ 2nd Sturday- Holiday

Academic Terms : 1st term - June to September

2nd term - October to December

3rd term - January to April

Re-opening : In every academic year, the school reopens in the second week of June on the date notified.

Student Evaluation & Examinations : To improve the academic performance of students in primary and secondary levels, weekly assignment tests are conducted in all subjects.

Three Unit Tests are conducted per academic year, other than the Terminal Examinations.

Two project works are assigned to the students in a year and 10% weightage is given to it, to enhance the academic skill.

Teaching in pre-primary classes is by play way method.

Teachers specialized in their subjects to teach various subjects.

Attendance : Every pupil must have an attendance of minimum 85% to become eligible for promotion to the next higher class. 10% of attendance may be condoned on medical grounds by Principal.

Fees : Fees are payable well in advance, in full, in three installments, in June, October and January.

Defaulting students will not be allowed to sit for the examinations and their results will be withheld. Refund of fees is not given under any circumstances.

Transport : Transport facility from the school on all working days is available on request, students from various specified points for fixed routes only.

The transport fee is collected three times during the academic year.

Parental Co-operation : Parents are requested to send their wards regularly to school in time and in complete, neat uniform. They are requested to check for ward�s home work and diary regularly and sign them if necessary. Parents are requested not to meet the teachers directly or go to the class rooms.

Correspondence : All correspondence regarding students shall be sent to the Principal. The person who corresponds must necessarily be the parent or guardian.

The School will not recognize or encourage in discussions with any other concerning student. In the matters of discipline, school activities and admissions, the decision of the School Management shall be final and binding.

Office Working Hours : 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.